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“Dr. Lopez and her team possess a wealth of knowledge and I can trust them to address any of my dental-related needs!"

- Jade R.





Having had some truly appalling dental experiences in my time (including one root canal without novocaine, performed by another Chicago dentist who shall remain nameless), I am so happy to have found Dr. Lopez. Not only does she give great cleanings, but her cosmetic work is beautiful. She's also extremely attentive to patient comfort, and a very kind and interesting person besides. Her staff members are as welcoming and personable as she is--so much so that  I can honestly say that I find spending two hours on a Saturday morning in their office not just tolerable, but actually rather enjoyable. General services (cleanings, fillings, etc.) are perhaps a bit more expensive than the average of what I've paid before, and you have to pay upfront and wait for insurance reimbursement, but I find both to be completely worth it for the quality of dental work done--and most especially for the vast improvement in overall experience.  Plus, I've found the cosmetic work I've had done to be very competitively priced. Dr. Lopez is the best!


I visited PureDental Group and Dr. Lopez to make some corrections to my smile.  I had braces as a child  in Florida and was noticing some changes.. most likely due age and never really using my retainers consistently. Dr. Lopez recommended a treatment plan of which I am already noticing a difference.  On my visits I have always been remembered and greeted warmly by her staff,  had minimal wait times, and always had services performed with gentleness.  I would encourage anyone that wants a soothing, state of the art dental experience to visit PureDental Group.


My wife and I visited PureDental Group in February. It was our first visit to this clinic as well as having our teeth checked by a natural dentist. As soon as you walk in, you'll notice how clean and relaxed the waiting room feels. Something I appreciate as you might be nervous for your visit. Natasha and Hazel at the front desk were both very helpful. Initially, there were some issues due to a miscommunication, but Natasha sorted it out and her solution exceeded my expectations! It stood out to me that they both took the time to answer our questions and educate us. Something which I feel is often lacking at regular dentists I have visited. As for the dentist Katarzyna Lopez, she knows her stuff and she's funny too! I felt very comfortable and would definitely recommend this clinic to anyone looking for a good natural dentistry.


I would highly recommend PureDental Group. I have never experienced such thorough, thoughtful, helpful and comfortable care as I have at PureDental Group. Dr. Lopez and her team are incredible at what they do. I feel completely comfortable relying on Dr. Lopez for her expert dental care and advice. I have gone to a number of dental practitioners, oral surgeons, and other oral health experts over the years due to softball accidents that damaged my teeth years ago, and Dr. Lopez is the first doctor to finally get my mouth healthy as it can be. Not only does she make recommendations to help  my smile look beautiful, but she focuses on how she can use her expertise to make me healthier overall. I love that she is respectful of my desire to use natural dental products too. Dr. Lopez and her team have been extremely patient with my questions about various procedure options and treatments, and are always flexible to work with my schedule to fit me in for my appointments. If you are looking for a great dentist, you have found her!


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