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Invisible Braces

Pure Dental offers custom, Pure Aligners that are created right here at Pure Dental as the modern technological alternative to braces and wires to offer you the amazing smile you deserve. Our Pure Dental patients can now straighten their teeth comfortably and without anyone knowing, using our custom, in-house Pure Aligner system. Not even your closest friends are likely to notice you are wearing the custom Pure Aligners!


Are You a Candidate for custom, Pure Aligners?


You'll begin with a comprehensive examination, including x-rays. Dr. Lopez will look at everything from the health of your mouth to the shape of your tooth roots. If it is determined that Pure Aligners, our custom invisible braces will work for you, Dr. Lopez will discuss the benefits of Pure Aligners and the other options available to you.


There are three basic options for you if your teeth are crooked.


• Conventional wire-and-bracket braces

• Invisible braces with Pure Aligners

• Porcelain Veneers


Dr. Lopez is one of the very few dentists skilled at all three methods. Dr. Lopez is known widely for her beautiful porcelain veneers, has had extensive training to place conventional braces and is certified to provide Pure Aligners.


The Pure Aligner Procedure


If you want to proceed with Pure Aligner invisible braces, we start by taking detailed impressions of your teeth. Dr. Lopez then plans out your tooth movements. This information, along with a three-dimensional scan of the impressions, is fed into a sophisticated computer that then manufactures a set of clear aligners, similar to what is pictured above.


When you receive your first set of aligners they will intentionally not fit. That is because they are designed to gently move your teeth into a correct position. After two weeks the aligners will fit naturally and it is time for the next pair. The aligners work much faster than traditional braces because of the accuracy of the computer technology that designs them. Typical treatment times are six months to a year, about half the time of conventional braces.


Advantages of Pure Aligners, Invisible Braces


• They are much more comfortable than conventional braces and brackets

• They work much faster, completing in six to twelve months as opposed to two to three years.

• They truly are invisible. No one will know you are wearing them!

• They are removable, which enables you to brush and floss normally.

• They allow you to eat anything you want without the fear of food getting trapped. Simply remove them to eat and replace them as soon as you are done.


Pure Aligners


Dr. Lopez offers our patients a huge advantage when it comes to straightening their smile with Pure Aligners. Pure Aligners are much easier to make adjustments through the course of treatment as it progresses, to accommodate slight variations in how your mouth responds to the treatment. Second, Dr. Lopez can pass some savings on to our patients as Pure Aligners are created here at Pure Dental in our on site laboratory.


If you would like to find out if you are a candidate for Pure Aligners, invisible braces, we would be happy to set up a complimentary consultation for you. You will get ten to fifteen minutes with Dr. Lopez to ask whatever questions you would like, to see if this treatment is right for you. Not every case of crooked teeth can be corrected with Pure Aligners, but they can all be corrected with one or the other of these techniques. Please feel free to call us at (773) 904-8400.






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