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Gum Lift/Contouring

Here at PureDental Group, Dr. Katarzyna Lopez offers gum lift and contouring for patients looking to improve there  “gummy smile.“


Excess gum tissue, sometimes referred to as a “gummy smile,” can shorten the appearance of your teeth and impact the proportion of your smile. A gum lift is a cosmetic dentistry technique used by Dr. Katarzyna Lopez to reshape the gums, lengthen the appearance of the  teeth, and help you renew your smile with beautiful results. By recontouring gum tissue with state-of-the-art laser technology, Dr. Lopez can both minimize your recovery time and improve balance and symmetry between the teeth and gums.


A gum lift involves the use of a soft-tissue laser to remove the extra gum tissue, sculpting a gum line that makes your teeth appear longer and reduces the appearance of overgrown gums. After marking the gum tissues that he needs to remove, Dr. Lopez will employ a laser to shape the gums with a gentleness and precision unmatched by traditional surgery with a scalpel. The dental laser not only removes soft tissues but also seals them off simultaneously, which helps prevent excessive swelling and bleeding. Compared to traditional surgeries that involve cutting and stitches, your healing time will be faster and more comfortable than you may have thought possible.


Gum lifting and contouring can solve this problem through quick and painless treatment. It is commonly done through the use of a scalpel. However, special laser devices have also been used in the gummy smile treatment. The scalpel or laser will be used to trim away at any excessive gum overlying the teeth. This dental cosmetic procedure allows you to have longer, younger looking teeth and can correct the appearance of crooked teeth due to an uneven gum line, improve your smile and also your self-confidence to smile. Gum lifting and contouring is an easy and painless procedure. We will help you decide if gum lifting and contouring will achieve the results you want.


A simple gum lift could be just the thing to lift your spirits and make you smile, or it could be just the beginning of a whole new you. If you have any further questions about how dental implants can improve your quality of life, please feel free to speak with Dr. Lopez or one of our PureDental Group team members today.



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