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There is No Need to
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Chicago Sedation Dentistry

Many adults have a tremendous fear of dental treatment because of traumatic experiences in their past with a dentist. For some, this has kept them away for years, avoiding necessary cleanings and other procedures. This only worsens the problems making it necessary for more involved procedures to do all the repairs. At Pure Dental we have the utmost compassion for those struggling with dental fear and have a couple of options in sedation dentistry to make your visit much easier for you to handle.


What is a Sedation Dentist?


A sedation dentist is one who takes seriously your feelings of anxiety and provides a means to help you get the treatment you need in a way that is most comfortable for you. Dr. Lopez is happy to provide two separate options in sedation dentistry. The first is anxiolysis. It is designed for those with a more mild anxiety. With anxiolysis you are given a pill (generally Valium or Ativan), which will help relax you while remaining awake and fairly alert. You will be able to breath and talk volitionally, but will be completely relaxed during the procedure. You will feel no discomfort whatsoever.


For some patients, mild relaxation just isn't enough. In those cases, the second option we offer at Pure Dental is IV sedation. We will have a board certified anesthesiologist come in and provide an IV sedation that allows you to remain asleep during the entire procedure. This is more expensive, but you will wake up without remembering a thing and all your dental work will be done. Your vital signs are carefully monitored during the procedure, and all safety recommendations are followed.


The Benefits of Using a Sedation Dentist


When you use sedation dentistry, all those years of work you've been putting off will finally be completed, giving you a much healthier mouth and smile. You'll begin to feel better overall. As you have positive experiences with your dentist you will find it easier to come the next time. Each positive visit will go a long way in enabling you to use a dentist without any anxiety and without the need for any form of sedation.


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